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Current version:5.16-b4709
Release date: 2021/03/31

1. Revise the location loading method of the PKIX system to ensure that the drive letter of the windows file system is correctly supported.
2. limax.js correctly supports CBean as the key of the associative container. Unfortunately, limax.lua has no way at all. Lua itself does not support using a table as a key, and stringify is the only option.
3. Auany supports trustall mode, transforming auany into a fully dynamic sessionid allocator, a manager of stateless service clusters.
4. Correctly process websocket 0-length packet.
Current version:5.16-b4696
Release date: 2020/09/22

limax-5.16-b4696 (201920/09/22)
1. Allow to close the keepalive between switcher and endpoint.
2. limax.android uses Android Studio to manage projects
3. minor bug fix

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:5.16-b4671
Release date: 2019/09/24

limax-5.16-b4671 (2019/09/24)
1. Guarantee the compatibility for jdk1.8 and above.
2. Fix minor bug.
Current version:5.16-b4665
Release date: 2019/07/25

limax-5.16-b4665 (2019/07/25)
1. Reorganize the auany configuration file to make it easy to close certain modules.
2. Adjust the Makefile file of NDK version.
3. Fix minor bug.
Current version:5.16-b4623
Release date: 2019/06/21

limax-5.16-b4623 (2019/06/21)
1. Fix the URL special character problem in the http request path. For example, if the file name has a space, when tracking this problem, the java.net.URI has the following semantic flaws:
URI uri0 = URI.create("/abc%20%E9%94%99%E8%AF%AF");
URI uri1 = new URI(null, null, "/abc error", null);
URI uri2 = URI.create(uri1.toASCIIString());
Obviously, uri0, uri1, uri2 all point to the same path, but the first line outputs false and the second line outputs true.
2. Add limax.util.Promise.java to simplify asynchronous process management, consistent with the Promise functionality provided after ES6, as described in the javascript manual.
3. Provide a simplified version of au.
Current version:5.16-b4613
Release date: 2019/05/22

limax-5.16-b4613 (2019/05/22)
1. Add the createAlarm method for limax.io.net.NetTask to allow more Alarm timers to be created for the current nettask.
2. Change the priority and the implementation of flow control of HTTP/2. The egress mode is changed to ingress mode. At the same time, similar to HTTP/1.1, the request is processed in units of connections, which ultimately reduces the server memory overhead. Add the flow control window parameters consistent with HTTP/1.1. (The egress method relies on the peer window announcement to try the best efforts to fill the send buffer. Combined with the use of memory mapping, it can achieve very good performance when dealing with large files. File data will not enter user space at all, and there is no substantial heap requirement for large data block transmissions.. However, when HTTP/2 runs in TLS mode, multiple users access the same file, and the file data will be encrypted into multiple different versions, generating a large number of heap requirements, so the advantages of memory mapping no longer exist. The result is that in TLS mode, it is impossible to prevent malicious clients from notifying huge windows and accessing huge files to cause memory overflow.)
3. Unify the alarm behavior of WebSocket in HTTP/1.1 and RFC8441 two modes.
4. Add the congestion timeout configuration, constrain the sending behavior in all modes, and close the connection as soon as the congestion times out.
5. Adjust the limax.http.HttpHandler interface, replace the postLimit method with the censor method, and support more flexible and controllable upload review.
6. Add a cancel method for limax.http.Exchange that allows the server to terminate the network connection as soon as it detects malicious behavior.
7. The release time of the Server-Sent Events object is clarified by the onClose message. (Whether it is a network accident, or actively perform done method, the onClose guarantees to schedule only once).
8. Change limax.http.HttpExchange.async(DataSupplier) to limax.http.HttpExchange.async(HttpHandler handler) for better conceptual consistency.
9. Update relative manuals and examples.
Current version:5.16-b4576
Release date: 2019/04/25

limax-5.16-b4576 (2019/04/25)
1. Fix the limax.netio.NetTask semantic issue caused by the previous update. Even if there is no startup message, the shutdown message must be allowed to indicate that the client connects is aborted, otherwise it will affect the re-connection.
2. Add the method limax.http.DataSupplier.async(); and limax.http.HttpExchange.async(DataSupplier); to support asynchronous handle, refer to the example ExampleHttpServer.java.
Current version:5.16-b4572
Release date: 2019/04/16

limax-5.16-b4572 (2019/04/16)
1. Remove limax.zdb.TTableCacheNull.
2. Add a cancel method to limax.net.io.NetTask that allows the application to actively shut down the network connection (relative to the passive shutdown function installed via resetAlarm).
3. The error handle configuration of the http server is promoted to the virtual host layer. The virtual host can configure its own error handle.

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:5.16-b4565
Release date: 2019/03/26

limax-5.16-b4565 (2019/03/26)
1. Remove the HashExecutor.schedule of the previous release, which is easy to misuse.
2. The three methods startup, process, and shutdown of limax.net.io.NetProcessor guarantee strict serial scheduling.
3. Add the execute method for limax.net.io.NetTask to allow network input to be simulated in the case of nettask activity (once shutdown, the execute task is ignored)
4. Add the limax.http package, provide http service framework, support HTTP/1.1 (compatible with HTTP/1.0), HTTP/2, WebSocket, Server-Sent Events, update related manuals
5. All http services in the limax framework are replaced with limax.http implementation, replacing com.sun.net.httpserver

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:4.16-b4450
Release date: 2019/02/22

limax-4.16-b4450 (2019/02/22)
1. Fix limax.zdb.TRecord.tryMarshalN to remove the window between marshal0 and delete changed records.
2. Fix a window problem that the data collection result was empty in the case of asynchronous mode.
3. Add the schedule method for limax.util.HashExecutor, which is suitable for multi-event triggering the same command. If the command can aggregate all events, this method can be used to eliminate unnecessary command scheduling.

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:4.16-b4431
Release date: 2019/01/25

limax-4.16-b4431 (2019/01/25)
1. Expand limax.net.io, add asynchronous mode, allow coexistence with poll mode, support SSL, support flow control; add asynchronous attribute to all Manager configuration, the default is that false means to use poll mode; update related manual.
2. limax.util.transpond, which provides transparent proxy support based on limax.net.io.

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:4.16-b4332
Release date: 2018/12/20

limax-4.16-b4332 (2018/12/20)
1. Increase support for JDBC connection pool, better handle recoverable SQLException such as database server disconnection, deadlock, and operation timeout. Please refer the manual appendix "JDBC connection pool".
2. All code suitable for using the JDBC connection pool, are updated to the above implementation, including zdb, auany, and testmonitor. It is safe to remove the autoReconnect configuration in the mysql url.
3. Fix the issue that even if turn on the zdbVerify configuration, it can not correctly check the misuse of the read lock, and optimize the lock check mode.

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:4.15-b4301
Release date: 2018/11/27

limax-4.15-b4301 (2018/11/27)
1. Adjust the implementation of limax.provider.ViewDataCollector.MutableCollector to avoid outputting empty status collection field update information and eliminate unnecessary View events.
2. Adjust the implementation of limax.key.ed.Transformer, the encoder and the decoder all return limax.codec.ByteArrayCodecFunction for better application consistency. Enhance the ability of the simple version of Transformer, allow external data timeouts to be supported by configuring the fragment portion of the URI, and update the relevant manual.
3. The server configuration element JmxServer adds optional attributes username and password, and update related manuals.

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
Current version:4.15-b4279
Release date: 2018/10/30

Change Log:
limax-4.15-b4279 (2018/10/30)
1. Adjust the TemporaryView close timing to prevent the bind data push before the unbind action occurs after closing, preventing the script client throw a null exception.
Current version:4.15-b4275
Release date: 2018/09/27

Change Log:
limax-4.15-b4275 (2018/09/27)
1. JSON.stringify, the control characters except for \b\t\n\f\r are output in Unicode mode to ensure browser compatibility.
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