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The latest version limax-5.16-b4565(release on 2019/03/26)  XML
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注册时间: 02/09/2015 15:53:01
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Current version:5.16-b4565
Release date: 2019/03/26

limax-5.16-b4565 (2019/03/26)
1. Remove the HashExecutor.schedule of the previous release, which is easy to misuse.
2. The three methods startup, process, and shutdown of limax.net.io.NetProcessor guarantee strict serial scheduling.
3. Add the execute method for limax.net.io.NetTask to allow network input to be simulated in the case of nettask activity (once shutdown, the execute task is ignored)
4. Add the limax.http package, provide http service framework, support HTTP/1.1 (compatible with HTTP/1.0), HTTP/2, WebSocket, Server-Sent Events, update related manuals
5. All http services in the limax framework are replaced with limax.http implementation, replacing com.sun.net.httpserver

The relevant documents have been updated at the same time.
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