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注册时间: 24/11/2021 03:25:30
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It’s very likely that this year (more so than in previous) you’re shopping for one of the best gifts for dog lovers. And it’s not a coincidence. While most of those pandemic behaviors we all indulged in feel like blips (banana bread had its moment in the sun, we all bought matching sweatsuits, and maybe started roller skating) but one trend had a longer shelf life—pet ownership. Though it does feel odd to consider Getting a dog a fad, there’s been an undeniable uptick. reebok black shoes Since March of 2020, nearly 20 people in my close circle have adopted dogs. Even I jumped on the bandwagon, taking home a corgi puppy, Wally, that September. But it’s not just me and my friends who welcomed a new pet into their lives. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the number of people who were looking to foster a dog in L.A. and New York last 2020 at least doubled, and it’s estimated that up to 47% of households in the United States now have a dog. With so much more time spent at home over the past months, having a pet around to provide affection, support, and distraction seemed sensible.
Now, pandemic puppies are getting older, settling in as family members. Looking ahead to the quickly approaching holidays, the best gifts for dog lovers just might reign supreme because there’s nothing quite like the joy of purchasing something joy-inducing for a furry friend. The best gifts for dog lovers is one that both pup and parent can enjoy, whether a nice-looking dog bed, chic harness and leash sets, or even dog-themed fashion items.
No matter the occasion—and especially around the holidays—it’s important to celebrate those women nearest and dearest to you with a carefully chosen gift. From a pocket-size luxury to a thoughtful token, a gift, no matter the cost or scale, can show someone that you’re thinking of them.
Shopping for a fashion enthusiast? reebok work boots Who could refuse a new padded cassette bag from Bottega Veneta or cozy-chic shearling slides from JW Anderson? Looking for something for someone who takes pride in their well-stocked beauty cabinet? They’ll surely delight in a limited edition lipstick. Still feeling overwhelmed? You can’t go wrong with something classic, like a pair of leather driving gloves or a gold bauble and a luxe velvet jewelry box to stash it in. A thoughtful gift will go a long way, maybe with a lovely, handwritten holiday card too.
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