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注册时间: 24/11/2021 03:25:30
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Aya Nakamura has well and truly won over the music scene. Her album Nakamura has sold more than one million copies worldwide. However, for some time, the fashion industry has taken interest in this new generation diva. She was seen at the Balenciaga haute couture fall 2021 show, leaving behind her streetwear wardrobe for an ultra chic emerald green silhouette. 
Cover girl of Vogue France November 2021 issue (the first under the new name), Aya Nakamura proves her fashion credentials by posing in the latest objects of desire from the most cutting edge brands and fashion houses of the moment. We take the opportunity to fjallraven kanken backpack review her style evolution, which features sporty looks and modern glamour. Here's a flashback.
Below, a list of all the very best gifts for myself that I plan to (or have already) purchased, because after a certain age, writing a wish list can start to feel, well, silly. That’s not to say I don’t see the value in it, but as a (mostly) financially solvent adult human, the exercise of sending my loved ones a curated list of items that I want, but have tacitly agreed not to order for myself, has become decidedly overindulgent.
Besides, once I’ve identified something I need, I see no point in gambling with size availability, holiday shipping deadlines (supply chain!), and the statistical unlikelihood that someone will decide to give it to me. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but as a small-space dweller fjallraven bag who manages to over-research even the most straightforward purchase, I’d rather not leave anything to chance.
So this year, I asked any interested parties (really, just my mom) to consider sending me a snarky greeting card instead of a gift. In turn, I was able to rationalize my own rampant consumerism, indulging in seven best gifts for myself—no backorders, no guessing games.
I love receiving books as gifts. There is never a need for speculation about sizing, and they comfortably straddle the line that separates necessity and indulgence. Generally speaking, it’s no problem to wait a few weeks to see whether someone has gifted me a particular title while I work my way through the already teetering stack on my bedside table.
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